offline cribbage

Cribbage 2.3

Developer Tamera A Shaw-McGuire

traditional game for two players.

Championship Cribbage Pro

Championship Cribbage Pro 5.4

Developer DreamQuest

online cribbage.

Cribbage Champion

Cribbage Champion 1.9

Developer Fun for All Software

Cribbage game for PCs with competitive multi-skilled opponents.

Net Cribbage

Net Cribbage 6.0

Developer NetIntellGames

Net Cribbage lets you play card game Cribbage against computer or live opponents.


Offline Cribbage

Ultimate Cribbage

Ultimate Cribbage 5.5

Developer Keith Westley

Play cribbage against the computer or over the internet. .

Best of Card Games

Best of Card Games 1.0

Developer On Hand Software

It includes many variations of Solitaire, Poker, Blackjack, Rummy.

Championship Cribbage All-Stars

Championship Cribbage All-Stars 7.5

Developer DreamQuest

Championship Cribbage All-Stars is a new, fun and animated card game.

Hoyle Backgammon & Cribbage

Hoyle Backgammon & Cribbage 1.0

Developer Sierra On-Line

Cribbage Quest

Cribbage Quest 3.0

Developer ValuSoft

Cribbage Quest is a fantastic and classic card game for the familiy.

Funcrd Card Games

Funcrd Card Games 9.1

Developer Softgame Company

Funcrd Card Games comes with Funpuz Game Collection.

Master Cribbage

Master Cribbage 4.0

Developer Voss Verlag

Master Cribbage is a great card game developed by Voss Verlag.

Cribbage Buddy - Pogo

Cribbage Buddy - Pogo 2.4

Developer Play Buddy, LLC.

This Pogo Cribbage auto shows you the best hand, available points, etc.

GrassGames' Cribbage

GrassGames' Cribbage 3.2

Developer Grassgames

GrassGames' Cribbage is a beautiful 3D computer game.

Quick Cribbage

Quick Cribbage 3.3

Developer Wesley Steiner

Challenge your computer to a one-on-one game of Cribbage.


Offline Cribbage

Battlefield Cribbage

Battlefield Cribbage 1.2

Developer A Step Beyond Nowhere, INC

Battlefield Cribbage [BFC] is a cool game for users who love strategies.

Cribbage Squares

Cribbage Squares 3.2


Cribbage Squares is one of the most addictive solitaire available!

Cribbage Quest Free

Cribbage Quest Free 2.2

Developer Iplay

Cribbage for Windows

Cribbage for Windows 4.1

Developer SAC Products

This is the classic 2 hand Cribbage software game for PC's.

Swivellers Cribbage

Swivellers Cribbage 1.0

Developer W A Bridge Ltd

The objective is to go twice round the cribbage board by scoring 121 points.

Championship Cribbage

Championship Cribbage 7.4

Developer DreamQuest

Discover the challenge and excitement of Championship Cribbage!

Royal Cribbage

Royal Cribbage 3.1

Developer Tim Schempp

The Cribbage King uses a set of nearly optimal algorithms to play cribbage.

MVP Cribbage

MVP Cribbage 1.0

Developer MVP Software

MVP Cribbage is a entertaining and captivating board game.

Distributed Cribbage Program and Screen Saver

Distributed Cribbage Program and Screen Saver 2.0

Developer David Manthey

Cribbage is a card game which can be played in multiplayer mode.

Tams11 Cribbage Box

Tams11 Cribbage Box 1.0

Developer Tams11 Software

Solitaire card game using Cribbage scoring.

Tams11 Cribbage

Tams11 Cribbage 2.0

Developer Tams11 Software

Tams11 version of the popular game Cribbage.