offline word games
Hoyle Word Games

Hoyle Word Games 1.0

Developer Sierra On-Line

Hoyle Word Games 3

Hoyle Word Games 3 1.0

Developer Encore, Inc.

Britannica Word Games Platinum

Britannica Word Games Platinum 1.0

Developer Selectsoft Publishing

Word Solitaire

Word Solitaire 3.0

Developer Haversack Software

An original collection of 30 challenging single-player word games.


Offline Word Games

Scripture Solitaire

Scripture Solitaire 1.0

Developer Inspired Idea

Cards have short phrases instead of rank. When played, they form Bible verses.

Puzzle And Word Games

Puzzle And Word Games 1.0

Developer aaa

TildeTech Word Games

TildeTech Word Games 7.3

Developer TildeTech


Motamo 5.2

Developer Soft Creation

A word search utility designed for Scrabble, Wordox or other word games.

Word Games

Word Games 1.0

Developer Iceberg Ltd

1001 Ultimate Word Games

1001 Ultimate Word Games 1.0

Developer ValuSoft

A part of 5200+ Great Games collection of puzzles, organized by type and size.


WordPlay 2.5

Developer SadMan Software

ordPlay consists of two word games. Word Jumble scrambles the letters of a word; the object is to gu...

Cross and Word Games

Cross and Word Games 11.0

Developer eGames, Inc.

Senior Word Games

Senior Word Games 1.0

Developer Iceberg Ltd

Brain Games - Word Puzzles

Brain Games - Word Puzzles 1.0

Developer On Hand Software

Brain Games Word Puzzles is a collection of word games and puzzles.


Offline Word Games

1001 Word Games

1001 Word Games 1.0

Developer Supersonic Software Ltd.

Word Magic Educational Games

Word Magic Educational Games 1.1

Developer WordQuest Interlanguage Systems Ltd.

Four different word games are connected to a centralMenu. This program draws from the exuberant rich...

Recovery for Exchange

Recovery for Exchange 2.1

Developer Recoveronix Ltd.

Recovery for Exchange is a data recovery program for Microsoft Exchange Server.

E-Puzzle Book Reader

E-Puzzle Book Reader 1.1

Developer Reasonable Games

Welcome to the world of E-Puzzle Books, the computerized version of those small puzzle magazines you...

Word Blaster

Word Blaster 3.5

Developer Suma Games

Three entertaining and addicting word games included in one! Word Shooter, Falling Letters & Crazy S...

Classroom Word Games

Classroom Word Games 1.0

Developer Classroom Word Games

Classroom Word Games - Crosswords, Word searches, Bingo cards and more.

Britannica Word Games

Britannica Word Games 1.0

Developer Selectsoft Publishing

Ray's Spelling and Word Games

Ray's Spelling and Word Games 3.2

Developer Le Couteur Family

Ray's Spelling and Word Games is an educational program for kids.

Cross & Word Games

Cross & Word Games 9.0

Developer eGames, Inc.

Big Word Games

Big Word Games 1.0

Developer Andrell Education Ltd

A program that helps students re-learn the High Frequency Word Lists.

Scratch 2 Offline Editor

Scratch 2 Offline Editor 2.0

Developer MIT Media Lab

Scratch 2 Offline Editor allows you to create stories, games, and animations.